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A1 Computer Custom Build Services


We can build a gaming or any custom computer to your specifications. You can also let us put together a custom system based on what you want and then let you have the final say on it.We will use any parts you request but we try to always recommend top quality parts to try to ensure top performance.We give a 1yr. hardware warranty on all new towers and complete systems we build excluding viruses or customer damage.


Do you want to build a super gaming rig that can handle all the latest and greatest games out or perhaps a powerful media center to power your extensive media collection? Let A1 Computer build your dream machine for you! We understand that it can get confusing on other custom build sites that provide to many options for a build that it leaves you feeling frustrated and discouraged. That’s why at A1 Computer we have decided to do things a little different and simplify the process. Most people interested in a custom build fall into two categories: you either know exactly what you want to build or you have no idea what you want to build. We have two options available to get you started in the custom build process.

Option 1:

You have no idea what parts you need but you have a general idea what your custom build will be used for. If you fall in this category, please select one our pre-build PCs to get started. We hand selected top components based on reviews and performance and put them together to build powerful machines. The beauty is that they are already built BUT you can further customize components to make it fit your needs if you feel you need more power!

Option 2:

You probably already own a custom build and want to upgrade it or you know exactly what parts you want for your build but need a professional to handle the labor. This category is designed for advanced users who are familiar with/or own a custom build. If you fall in this category, please fill out our special request form to get started. The form is designed to give us specific information about what you want in your build. You can reference our pre-build shop if you need further assistance with components. Our job is to confirm your build components/final price and build it for you!