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Louisiana Most Trusted Apple & Mac Repair Services


A1 Computer is the definitive choice when it comes to service, repair, and support for all your apple devices including Macbooks, iMacs, iPhones, iPads, Time Capsules and almost anything else with a shiny fruit logo.

Independent & Locally Owned

We offer independent Apple computer repair services. This makes us an excellent choice for many common Mac repairs like screen replacements, damage from liquid spills, hard drive data recovery issues and more. We are often faster and more cost effective than other Mac repair options. Our technicians also provide support for Windows and other third party software applications, for Mac users running Windows in boot camp or with a virtual machines. This includes mixed OS support, professional data recovery services, etc; which Apple Stores or most Mac Repair shops don’t provide.

Mac & Apple Specialists

Our technicians have over 45+ combined years of experience in working with Apple hardware and software issues. At Progressive Tech we set the bar high on the level of expertise and skill, and are able to perform repair and support services that can be a challenge to address at other firms. Other computer shops, including most Apple authorized service providers (AASPs), often don’t he same real-world experience and expertise that we require from our technicians. For example we require excellence in data recovery, other non Mac operating systems, software, networking, and third party applications from all our staff.

Expect a Quick Turnaround Time

We offer express service options, and many repairs can be completed faster and for less money than competing stores and Apple authorized service providers (AASPs). With more skill and expertise than the independent shops or other authorized service providers, you can feel confident in receiving quality repairs with rapid turnaround times. No appointment is ever needed; visit us when it is convenient for your schedule. Enjoy no lines or crowds and a unique customer focused, service only experience.